Transplant News stories from November, 2018

Living Donor Protection Act Signed Into Law in New York State- Great News

By Mike Sosna
Published on November 18, 2018

“This law will prevent insurers from discriminating against an individual based on the fact that they gave the gift of life as an organ donor. Thanks to the law’s clarification of organ donation qualifying for family leave, liing donors will now be covered by New YorkState’s  strong paid family leave laws which are actually much better than the proposed family leave bills at the federal level

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Legislative Initiatives-7 November, 2018

By Mike Sosna
Published on November 4, 2018

As of October 18, allocation of hearts changed in the United States.

In order to eliminate some of the geographical disparity, instead of the donor service areas/regions being
most important, allocation of hearts is now based on distance from the transplant center in concentric circles.

The order in which patients are added to the wait list has also been changed from a three level system to a seven level system so that the patients overall health picture is considered. As the medical status of a person is considered, the patient moves from one level to another.

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