Transplant News stories from June, 2016

White House Summit: Plans that will improve outcomes for individuals waiting for organ transplants and support for living donors

Published on June 13, 2016

One thing that has been done is that centers have begun to build a blue ribbon panel that will set up a national clearing house of educational materials with respect to organ donation and transplantation education.

The vast majority—almost 100,000—of the people on the organ waiting list are waiting for a kidney transplant. In addition to the tremendous human cost, the kidney waiting list carries a huge cost to the public purse: Medicare pays more than $34 billion per year to care for patients with end-stage kidney failure. On average, the Government would save $60,000 a year for every patient who receives a kidney transplant rather than continuing to receive dialysis. Those transplant recipients would also see appreciable gains in life expectancy. For example, the life expectancy of a living donor kidney recipient increases by 10–15 years after a transplant, again relative to dialysis treatment.

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