Transplant News stories from May, 2016

Weekend Effect Observed for Donor Kidney Discard

By Natasha Persaud, Digital Content Editor
Published on May 19, 2016

Deceased donor kidneys harvested at the start of the weekend are significantly more likely to be discarded than transplanted, a new study finds. Kidney quality does not appear to be the main deciding factor.

This high discard rate is concerning especially given the worsening organ shortage in the US, but the factors contributing to this are poorly understood,” lead investigator Sumit Mohan, MD, MPH, of Columbia University Medical Center in New York, explained in a press release. “The most commonly cited reason for organ discard is organ quality, but recent analyses by our group suggest that even kidneys of acceptable quality are being discarded at an increasing rate.

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Increasing the transplant donor pool by fixing lungs outside of the body

The machine comprises a ventilator for breathing and a bypass machine to perfuse a drug-laden solution aimed at improving lung function. In many ways the device mimic’s the human body but with one major difference.

The statistics of lung transplantation are grim. Less than 20 percent of donor lungs are currently considered suitable for transplant. The ex vivo lung machine addresses the grim stats by potentially increasing the donor pool and doctors say that with further research it could increase survival rates as well.

What happened was Coleman’s doctors asked if she wanted to participate in a clinical trial – explaining that she would receive donor lungs that needed to take an out of body detour for reconditioning before her transplant.

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