Transplant News stories from December, 2015

One year since UNOS changed rules for the kidney transplant waiting list


A shake-up of the nation’s kidney transplant system means more organs are getting to patients once thought nearly impossible to match, according to early tracking of the new rules.

* At the one year mark it has been found that there are more discards of less-fit kidneys than there were before the rule change.

* Age 50: So far it has been found that those who are older than 50 years of age and were waiting for kidneys received less kidneys. Adults younger than age 50 are receiving more kidneys since the rule change.

* After years of developing the rule changes, nothing at all was changed with respect to geographical disparity with respect to the allocation of deceased donor kidneys.
“The wait for a deceased donor kidney varies widely around the country, and in 2014, more than 4,500 people died before their turn.”

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