Transplant News stories from October, 2015

26 October, 2015-Success–New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Signed Amendment To Lauren’s Law (Chapter 405)

Published on October 26, 2015

UPDATE: October 26, 2015 -Governor Cuomo Signed The Bill Into Law

Senate- S5101and Assembly A7431 passed in both chambers and was delivered to Governor Cuomo It came down to the wire and Governor Cuomo provided his signature.

The purpose of the bill is to ensure that when people are applying for a New York State drivers license they complete the section of the application relating to making an anatomical gift which requires them to check either “yes” or “skip this question”.

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Blood Pressure Goal- experts and the government are changing their minds again

By Candy Sagon-In Bulletin Today,Health Talk

For decades, medical experts agreed that the goal should be to keep blood pressure readings below 140/90. Then, two years ago, a prestigious panel upended that and said a slightly higher reading of 150/90 or below was OK for older adults in order to avoid potentially dangerous side effects — such as dizziness and falls — from too much blood pressure medication.

Now, in a dramatic U-turn, the government announced last week (with only preliminary results and data analysis) that older adults should aim lower — much lower.

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