Living Donor Protection Act Signed Into Law in New York State- Great News

By Mike Sosna
Published on November 18, 2018

Re: success

This was thanks to Kemp Hannon being willing to listen to our pitch and concerns when we met in his office.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers.

This law sends orders to direct the New York commissioner of health to develop and distribute informational materials relating to the benefits of being a living organ or tissue donor.”

“This law will prevent insurers from discriminating against an individual based on the fact that they gave the gift of life as an organ donor. Thanks to the law’s clarification of organ donation qualifying for family leave, liing donors will now be covered by New YorkState’s  strong paid family leave laws which are actually much better than the proposed family leave bills at the federal level “- Mike Sosna

Special thanks to all of the LI TRIO volunteers.

This was achieved without any help from OPO, Alliance and donate life NY:

Note, this was never advocated for or discussed in any of the Alliance or Live On NY efforts. Rather then include this in their legislation day efforts, they completely left this bill out of their legislative packages. When asked to help, we heard a “no” each year when it failed to be included in their legislation day efforts.

Once again, the dedicated volunteers spent fine and energy educating, meeting with and speaking with elected officials and real results have been achieved.

LI TRIO volunteers pitched the importance of living donor protection, family leave coverage and the need for education and promotion of materials teaching and promoting living donor organ donation.

Special thanks to Senator Kemp Hannon who stated “This legislation makes sure that when a New Yorker literally gives the gift of life, they are supported. These individuals should not be saddled with associated health care costs, face insurance discrimination and/or risk losing a job because they or their family member needs time off after a donation.”