Legislative Initiatives-7 November, 2018

By Mike Sosna
Published on November 4, 2018

Legislative Initiatives-7 November, 2018
Executive Branch

The White House has taken the first steps to implement the uggestion to have the federal government pay for lost wages on the part of living kidney donors. The federal government would also put together a health insurance package for living kidney donors.

What did the White House actually do so far? The White House has taken the steps to implement these policies in the next Executive Budget which will be released in February.

After Israel set a policy of covering lost wages on the part of living kidney donors, living donation jumped 64 percent.

The average kidney donor spends $4200.00 mostly on lost wages. NLDAC-National Living Donor Assistance Center already helps with grants for travel expenses and can be expanded to cover all expenses.
This would reimburse childcare expenses and lost wages.

Next step: letters to elected officials both sides of the aisle in in the Legislative branch.

Iā€™, preparing letters and will obtain signatures at our general membership meeting.

Deceased Donor Organ Allocation

As of October 18, allocation of hearts changed in the United States.

In order to eliminate some of the geographical disparity, instead of the donor service areas/regions being
most important, allocation of hearts is now based on distance from the transplant center in concentric circles.

The order in which patients are added to the wait list has also been changed from a three level system to a seven level system so that the patients overall health picture is considered. As the medical status of a person is considered, the patient moves from one level to another.