Good news: The Senate Health Committee unanimously voted and move bill to Finance Committee with regard to our Living Donor Support Act bill S2498

Published on February 7, 2017

Good news: Update: February 7, 2017
The Senate Health Committee unanimously voted and move bill to Finance Committee with regard to our Living Donor Support Act bill S2498

With special thanks to Senator Kemp Hannon.
Thanks also to Josh Morrison and thanks to all LI TRIO members and friends for writing letters of support.

Senate Bill S2498 2017-2018 Legislative Session- Enacts the “New York state living donor support act”

Title Of Bill : An act to amend the public health law, the tax law and the social services law, in relation to support of living organ donation

Enacts the “New York state living donor support act” to provide state reimbursement to living organ donors, who are state residents, for medical and associated expenses incurred as a result of the organ donation, when the organ donation is made to another resident of the state; requires the provision of information on transplantation to patients with severe kidney disease.

Purpose or general idea of bill: To encourage living organ donation through financial support and educational initiatives.

Bill number: S2498
* A new § 4370 providing the Living Donor Support Program, to pay certain expenses that arise due to the act of living donation, for living donors who are NY residents and whose donation benefits a NY resident.

* lists eligible expense categories; requires that the Program shall be payer of last resort; and authorizes the Department to contract for the administration of such payments.

* A new § 4371 requiring that a nephrologist or primary care practitioner treating certain chronic kidney disease patients shall provide transplant-eligible patients with transplant education materials prepared under section 207 of the public health law.

New York faces a severe shortage of organs for transplantation. We rank 49th among the states in organ donor registration, and in 2015, over 800 patients on transplant waiting lists either died while
waiting or became too sick to receive a transplant.

* This bill would increase living donation by removing financial barriers and educating the public about living donation. It would provide reimbursement for living donors who are residents of NY and who make a living donation in which the ultimate recipient is also a NY resident. Eligible reimbursement would include financial costs incurred by living donors as a result of living donation, including
lost wages, sick and vacation days, child care, or medical expenses.

* The donor support program would be “payer of last resort” and shall have limitations on the amount of eligible expenses.

* The bill also provides for patient education through nephrologists and primary care practitioners. Knowledge about living donation is very low, and more than 1/3 of New Yorkers believe the risk of death during donor surgery to be greater than 1 in 20 – when the real risk is 1 in 3,300.

*This bill has been endorsed by a broad coalition of stakeholders including, the Greater NY Hospital Association, Northeast Kidney Foundation, Long Island Transplant Recipients International Organization and Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Effective date: April 1 following enactment

Sponsored by
Kemp Hannon

Fred Akshar
George A. Amedore, Jr.
Tony Avella
David Carlucci
John A. DeFrancisco
Simcha Felder
John J. Flanagan
Patrick M. Gallivant
Martin J. Golden
Jesse Hamilton
Thomas F. O’Mara
Robert G. Ortt
Sue Serino
James L. Seward
Catharine Young