Apple promotes organ donation with iOS 10, sign up as a donor from the Health app [Update]

Published on July 4, 2016

Apple is working to encourage millions of iPhone users to enroll in the national donor registry by utilizing a sign-up button included in the soon to be released iOS 10 operating system’s health information app. This app is installed on all new iPhones (or recent models that will utilize the free update to iOS 10) and there are no downloads required.

The iPhone health information app was introduced two years ago as a utility that helps the iPhone user record, manage and save health, workouts and fitness data.

There will be another button that links to a wealth of information about organ donation. If the user chooses to register on the national donor registry, this fact could be included in “emergency information” and emergency information can actually be displayed while the iPhone is locked.

There are also apps related to organ donation and transplantation available on the Android platform but in the case of iOS 10 on iPhones, there is nothing at all to download and it will be available on all iPhones running the iOS 10 operating system inclusive of all newly purchased iPhones. – Mike Sosna

Apple will promote organ donation with its newest mobile operating system, iOS 10, when it ships in the fall.

Update: Apple has posted an official press release detailing the new organ donor options in iOS 10 Health. Apple will allow users to sign up for organ, eye and tissue donor registry via Donate Life America. The registrations are sent to the National Donate Life Registry — the interface will surface as part of Health’s Medical ID feature.

The developer preview of iOS 10 is currently available to iOS Developer Program members here. at, and a public beta program will be available to iOS users this month here. iOS 10 will be available this fall as a free software update. For more information, check the preview here.

Apple® and Donate Life America announced today that, for the first time ever, iPhone® users will be able to sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor right from the Health app with the release of iOS 10. Through a simple sign up process, iPhone users can learn more and take action with just a few taps. All registrations submitted from iPhone are sent directly to the National Donate Life Registry managed by Donate Life America. The ability to quickly and easily become a nationally-registered donor enables people to carry their decision with them wherever they go.

Apple will promote organ donation with its newest mobile operating system, iOS 10, when it ships in the fall. Via the Associated Press, Apple will include a new simple sign-up button inside the Health app to enable users to register to become an organ donor in a national donor registry. It appears the integrated sign up option will only be available to US iPhone customers, at least at launch.

Tim Cook told the AP that he hopes Apple’s efforts will help improve the availability of organs to those that need them, saying that the problem “hit home when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs endured an excruciating wait for a liver transplant in 2009”.

In a statement, Apple COO Jeff Williams said ‘With the updated Health app, we’re providing education and awareness about organ donation and making it easier than ever to register.’.

The organ donor signup feature is not included in the current iOS 10 beta seed. There is still plenty of time for the feature to appear by September, when iOS 10 will likely be released as a public software update to all.

“Apple’s mission has always been to create products that transform people’s lives. With the updated Health app, we’re providing education and awareness about organ donation and making it easier than ever to register. It’s a simple process that takes just a few seconds and could help save up to eight lives,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “Together with Donate Life America, we’re excited to deliver this new feature to iPhone users in the US with iOS 10.”

On average, one person dies every hour in the United States waiting for an organ transplant because the demand for lifesaving transplants far exceeds the available supply of organs — and one donor can save as many as eight lives,” said David Fleming, President & CEO of Donate Life America. “By working with Apple to bring the National Donate Life Registry to the Health app on iPhone, we’re making it easier for people to find out about organ, eye and tissue donation and quickly register. This is a huge step forward that will ultimately help save lives.”

Over 120,000 Americans are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant — and every 10 minutes, a new individual is added to the national transplant waiting list. Each organ donor can save as many as eight lives and heal many more through the gifts of tissue and eye donation. In the absence of donor registration, families are left to make the decision about donation in what is often the worst moment of their lives, the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one.

Perhaps the functionality will be included in iOS 10 beta 2, which is ‘late’ according to typical iOS 10 seed cycles where the second beta follows WWDC about two weeks later. It is unknown why the usual beta cycle schedule has been changed for iOS 10 although there’s a good chance the new seed will drop later today.

iOS 10 includes a variety of changes including a redesign of the Health app with larger buttons and more information presented upfront as daily summaries.

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