Remembering Tom Bush- Thoughts and Reflections From Friends and Colleagues

By Beth Chapman
Published on September 11, 2014
We are so sorry to report that Thomas Dennis Bush passed away on Wednesday September 10, 2014. Memorial visitation was held on Saturday Sept 20,2014 from 1 PM - 3 PM at Perry Funeral Home. The family asked that in lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Tom Bush, be made to: In Memory Donations- LI TRIO PO Box 81 Garden City, NY 11530

I remember that Tom Bush loved Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. He liked them chewy because they didn’t crumble and make a mess.

I remember that he was selfless. He gave freely of his time and energy often ignoring his own health in favor of helping others.

I remember his wife Ann and his father in-law were always at his side.

I remember that he had the gift of gab.

I remember how he referred to himself as the “Welcome Wagon Lady”.

I remember that if you had a question that he always called back and would not hang up with you until he knew that you understood. He was so generous with his time. If you called on him he gave. It didn’t matter who you were.

I remember him as a compassionate and empathetic man. He once spoke to me of calls he took as the” Welcome Wagon Lady” when he knew that not much could be done for the person on the other line.

I remember witnessing his loyalty as a friend. He really cared.

I remember his sense of humor.

I remember his patience.

I remember my first encounter with him as he called me to welcome me to the group known as Long Island Trio. He was all of the things I describe above. I hung up thinking that I had reached the right place at LITRIO for support and education. I felt relieved and grateful.

On a day when when we remember and mourn so many that have passed. I remember, honor and mourn you “Tom” Tom Bush. We are better because we knew you.

Beth Chapman
September 11, 2014

Tom was a guy who was involved in so many aspects of LI TRIO over the span of many years. In his early involvement, he took a lead in maintaining the rose plants at the Rose Garden & the memorial plaques. One year he made about 40 wooden stakes about 4 feet high to which burlap was attached to protect the roses during winter. Those stakes were used for quite a few years. He was also a guy who liked to be organized and have things done with consistency so he drafted “job descriptions” for the various functions performed by TRIO volunteers. Of course, as Beth related, he would spend as much time as needed to help those with questions. He researched all he could about insurance issues to the extent that experts would consult him. He frequently went with the school speakers when he was well enough. I spoke to him a few times a week over the past year and even while weak with illness Tom talked about hoping to get strong enough to get back to work for those needing help with organ donation. Tom Bush taught me a lot about living. – Walter Ruzek

Tom bush always offered his time welcoming new members to LI TRIO. He was a dedicated volunteer and tried to always follow up with regard to questions from the new members he welcomed. Tom introduced himself at our meetings as the “Welcome Wagon Lady” and that efficient and caring welcome really went a long way with some people in particular who just found out that they needed a lifesaving transplant and with others who found the need for information with respect to changing health insurance carriers or plans within their existing carrier. If there was a question that Tom couldn’t answer, he would promise to seek more information so he could get back to the person with an answer and in some cases some additional options they could research and explore further.

I’m pleased to have had the pleasure to spend time with Tom’s immediate and extended family and we cherished the opportunity to share and recall many of Tom’s anecdotes. Tom’s sons found it amusing that we all knew Tom’s gift of gab (and in particular, the phone calls lasting hours) and they shared stories they fondly remembered about his ability to chat. Tom is already missed and will be thought of often as he had a profound effect on people who cared a great deal about him. -Mike Sosna

Mr. Tom Bush….. was a determined, caring man who helped many behind the scene.
He was always ready to chat. He blessed many with his wisdom and knowledge of insurance.
His wife joined him at times as he volunteered. He was a family man who was grateful and made time for others.
With each health care reform Tom delved into the impact it would have. He was ready to roll out answers as they were presented.
Health Care Reform had met its match with Tom……….
Here we are thinking of Tom, our friend, knowing that there will be no match for Tom….Mr. Tom Bush…..
Joy Oppedisano

Tom never forgot, and was a grateful kidney recipient first from his wife Ann – and then from a donor family & donor that gave the gift of life.
Tom was always a friend to me. He was quite communicative. He told me and others that I was a unique donor mom.
I in turn think that he was a unique individual and recipient & will be missed.
Barbara Musto