The LI TRIO Speakers Bureau is led by Jeff Fenn

Our volunteers speak at High Schools and Universities in order to raise awareness of and promote the need for organ donation. To date, over 78,000 students have seen and heard special classes led by LI TRIO volunteers; 7200 students have been reached this year alone.

With special thanks to Dave Rodgers and the new Suffolk County LI TRIO School Speaker Volunteers.
LI TRIO Launches New School Speakers Program In Suffolk County

If you would like to consider speaking at schools on Long Island, please contact Jeff Fenn at

This gallery contains letters written by some of the students reached by Jeff Fenn and the school speakers. You may click anywhere on any letter in the gallery to view the letter in original size.

Ames Campus students learn the value of organ donation from LITRIO transplant recipients

Newsday Media “This Week” Newspaper features a story about Long Island TRIO Volunteers, the LI TRIO Speakers Bureau led by Jeff Fenn and the students’ feedback with respect to learning about organ donation and transplantation issues in their classroom. The article is written by Jessica Novins.

LI TRIO thanks Health Education teacher Denise Baldinger for continuing to invite LI TRIO volunteers to speak with and teach her students. Thanks also to all of the volunteers who consistently give their time and efforts in order to help LI TRIO fulfill our mission.

The LI TRIO Volunteer Speakers’ schedules are coordinated by the Chairperson, Jeff Fenn. Jeff is performing some amazing volunteer work with a limited amount of volunteers at this time. Jeff is always open to dedicated volunteers who wish to join the speakers bureau.

The Long Island TRIO volunteers speak at High Schools and Universities teaching students about transplantation while each recipient tells his or her personal story from the heart. At the same time, a conversation about organ donation and saving lives is conducted and the students provide comments and feedback at the end of each class.  We have cooperative programs with teachers and principals in the Long Island School System.

LI TRIO also provides current information with respect to developments in organ and tissue donation, transplantation, medications, social issues, and finances to transplant candidates, recipients, donors, and their families. We inform medical students, healthcare professionals, transplant candidates, recipients and their families, donors and donor families about initiatives and protocols in the field of transplantation.

Jeff’s program is robust and constantly expanding and accepting new volunteer speakers. Get in touch with Jeff  at if you’d like to volunteer.

Dave Rodgers led the LI TRIO Suffolk County Speakers Team presenting to 874 students at Harborfield High School

Published on April 28, 2017

Dave Rodgers led the LI TRIO Suffolk County Speakers Team presenting to 874 students at Harborfield High School
LI TRIO volunteers Dave Rodgers, Kelli Cutinella, Kathie Gerlach and Dan O’Neil joined Stephen Serie- football coach & gym teacher, Joan Gerardo (school nurse), Mike Potter (dean & health teacher) Sue Legge (gym teacher), Rob Franco (gym teacher) while presenting to students at Harborfield High School.

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Dave Rodgers led a special presentation at Harborfield High School

Published on May 4, 2016

LI TRIO volunteers Dave Rodgers, Kathie Gerlach and Christian presented to 525 students at Harborfield High School.

Christian is a graduate of Harborfield High School and had to have a heart transplant the year after graduation. He just celebrated his first anniversary as a Heart Transplant recipient.

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