Dave Rodger’s dedication to our special Donor Rose Garden is unparalleled. Dave is a past president of the chapter and is the chairperson of the LI TRIO Donor Rose Garden Committee.


Our “LI TRIO Donor Rose Garden” honoring donors and donor families was built with love and dedication by Long Island TRIO volunteers.

The 2016 re-dedication of our 
“Donor Rose Garden” in Eisenhower Park was indeed a special event.

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Thanks for joining LI TRIO and LiveOnNY as we re-dedicated our “LI TRIO Donor Rose Garden” to Donors and Donor Families in a ceremony that was held on Saturday, September 24, 2016.

Long Island TRIO volunteers planted and developed this beautiful setting into a special place where we as transplant recipients and our families can honor and thank donors and donor families.

The LI TRIO Donor Rose Garden was a special project initiated with the first seeds brought to the garden’s site  by our organization’s founders Anne and Don Treffeisen. Anne received a challenge from another transplant recipient who stated that she would provide the seeds if Anne would take on the project and plant the seeds. Anne accepted the challenge and took on the task with rigor and enthusiasm.

 Video:Anne Trefeissen introduces LI TRIO members and guests to the LI TRIO Donor Rose Garden while sharing its history and goal of honoring donors and donor families in 1993. (video-News 12 -contributed by Walter Ruzek)

The Water Brigade:

LI TRIO volunteers signed a schedule committing to specific days during the spring and summer so that we would take shifts visiting the garden, manipulating the hoses and watering the rose bushes, shrubs and the grass. Years later, we would be so lucky as to have further improvements and installations of our sprinkler system as well as beautiful bluestone and brick walls throughout the garden.

Dave Rodgers didn’t just pick up the ball but ran with it and has been quite a quarterback. Dave has volunteer committee members who work very hard prepping, cleaning and maintaining the garden in all seasons.

Thanks to our friends and colleagues at LiveOnNY for all of the support and for helping us invite our honorees to this very special annual event.

We offer special thanks to all of the LI TRIO volunteers past and present who watered and nurtured this most special donor rose garden. We also sincerely thank the Nassau County Parks Department.

Each year, Jo Michaels prepares a list of  the names of each donor family’s loved one and prints them in the program she publishes.

At our annual event, donors and donor families are honored and an individual rose is presented to all of our honorees. Donor families speak and share their stories. Some of our younger transplant recipients not only speak eloquently at the event but also help distribute the roses to each donor family as the name of their loved one is called.

Living donors are also called up to receive a rose as living donors are honored and personally thanked at the event.

On the date of our annual re-dedication ceremony, there is a tent adjacent to the roses that hosts and seats all guests, honorees and volunteers.. Lunch is also served thanks to the efforts on the part of Dave and the volunteers. Dessert is also provided thanks to the baking efforts of Beth Chapman.

The “LI TRIO Donor Rose Garden” is located in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY in Nassau County- Parking Field 6/6A.

Transplant Recipients feel a strong desire to thank Long Island and New York Donor Families for saving lives, creating a brighter tomorrow and for giving the gift of life.

Thanks very much for joining us in honoring and thanking our heroes.