Blog posts from January, 2017

Rod Carew passes 1-month mark since heart transplant

Rod Carew tells the American Heart Association News he’s “doing great” since the 13-hour heart transplant operation on Dec. 16. He’s spent the last week in a rehabilitation center and expects to return home soon. Rod Carew- a seven-time American League batting champion and first-ballot selection to the Hall of Fame.

Carew says he wants to remind people to get their hearts checked. His donor was a 29-year-old man.

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Why I Donated My Kidney to a Total Stranger-Susan Fredriksen

About a week after the operation, something special happened. I had the opportunity to meet Rhonda, the woman who received my kidney, and her husband Paul. About 30 years prior, Rhonda was diagnosed with a bacterial kidney infection that left irreversible damage. In 2015, her kidney began to rapidly decline, and she was put on hemodialysis for over seven months.

On the day of our meeting, I walked into a conference room where Rhonda was standing with her husband and hospital residents. She immediately hugged me and wouldn’t let go, and I started to cry. The realization of what happened between us suddenly felt so real.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said as she handed me flowers.

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