After 18 years, Jen Lentini will be hugging her donor family

Published on February 7, 2015

LI TRIO volunteer Jen Lentini will be meeting and hugging her donor family. Check out her video below:

Next Saturday at this time, I will be hugging my donor family after 18 years!!!!

I get to thank them in person. I feel blessed more then I can explain in words. I made the video the other day to show how grateful I am for this opportunity.

I didn’t realize how many people would actually watch it.

I want people to know that they should never give up looking for your donor family or miracles. Each day is a blessing and with the gift I received 18 years ago, i’m here today. Matthew you are my guardian angel and your family are my angels.

Thank you all for passing my video around. It’s received over 3,000 views. I hope this helps to promote organ donation awareness and one day there will be no more waiting LIST! Liveonny.