Membership in LI TRIO- The Long Island Chapter of Transplant Recipients International Organization offers many opportunities:

•To meet others who share similar experiences

•To give as well as receive support.

•To obtain information with regard to medications, insurance, and
developments in the field of transplantation from professional
guest speakers.

•To receive our regularly published LI TRIO Newsletter with current
information with respect to transplantation, local events, and
chapter activities.

•To help promote organ donation awareness through
educational and informational programs.

•To meet and exchange information and ideas with members
from other chapters.

Is there a national organization?

Yes, we help support the national organization by giving them a significant percentage of all dues paid by every one of our members. There are also chaired committees serving to help our national organization.

Our national organization and TRIO chapters throughout the Unites States have many dedicated volunteers performing important volunteer tasks. They truly make a difference and help save lives.
TRIO International has an effective opportunity to help poll each chapter’s opinion with regard to national issues. This can potentially help at arriving at a consensus at the national level based on the feelings and opinions on the part of the chapters and membership. There are currently chapters throughout the United States as well as in Japan.

TRIO International has a telephone number: 1.800.TRIO.386

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